CBLOL 2018

In early 2018, I had the opportunity to create the concept art, art direction and creative concept for the CBLOL 2018 season opener. It was the first time I did concept art for this type of project, it was a great challenge and I’m glad I was part of it together with incredible people.
Company: Consulado TV
Creative Direction:Ademar de Sena Jr, Bruno Medeiros
Storyboard: Bruno Medeiros
Art Direction: Bruno Medeiros
Simulation: David Dias, Wallan Oliveira 
Modellers: Rafael Aldado and Ricardo Alves
Animation: Ademar de Sena Jr
Lookdev and Lighting: David Dias,Rafael Aldado, Ricardo Alves
Render: David Dias, Ricardo Alves, Wallan Oliveira
VFX and Composition: Gustavo Gonçalves


  • Animation