The graphic romance Amnesia consists on the creation of a book + game, based on the film Amnesia from the brothers Jonatan and Christofer Nolan, where the proposal is cause identification between the reader and the main character that suffers a loss of memory applicant. For this reason, the book was divided randomly in notebooks, where each of them were illustrated for one different artist and describing a memory lapse from the protagonist, making the reader in the same condition of the amnesic.

To get to the correct timeline of the facts, the reader uses one board and magnetized pins to investigate and organize the story. Besides the Graphic Romance, we developed several parts, both for digital media as printed, because the idea is to launch the book through a crowdfunding, and distribute rewards to people who invest in the project.

With: Guilherme de Abreu, Bruno Miranda, Leandro Scialla, Rodrigo Takahashi